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We here at HAPPY BUDDHA ORGANICS create nutrient rich living super soils and living hot soils for organic cannabis growing.  Taking the worry out of testing PH levels and watching nutrient balances.  This is all provided by Mother Nature.
This system can be used indoors and outdoors.  Yes! you can use Auto Flower strains with our soil system.

What is the HBO Cannabis growing system?

Our system is a 2 soil and water only system for growing organic cannabis Easily. When used as directed all you need to do is water your cannabis and enjoy a pure clean quality organic cannabis.
Our soils provide all the nutrients you need throughout the whole cannabis growing process.  Our living super soils and living hot soils can be reused grow after grow. All you need to do is add nutrients to revitalize the microbial life of the soil.



Our system is designed to make cannabis growing easy by using a living “hot soil” super soil that provides ingredients your plant needs during the flowering cycle. This combined with our top soil that is formulated for a strong vegetative growth provides all the nutrients your plant needs from seed to harvest.

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