About Us

Happy Buddha Organics is about showing people that growing a good quality organic cannabis does not have to be complicated. We show this can be done with our water only 2 soil kit that provides everything you need form seed to harvest. Or one of the many other organic growing methods.
We have learned our craft from information provided by old school pioneer like Clackamas Coots, Subcool. This research helped other great companies make great information available to us like Build A Soil and KiS Organics.

We here at HBO strive to live up to these pioneers. By providing quality ingredients for cannabis growers to make and build their own soils. At the same time we want to provide new growers with simple ways to learn how to grow cannabis. After someone learns it’s not hard to grow cannabis with our  system they can choose to branch out. Like No-Till where you feed your soil, not the plant.
Happy Buddha Organics also want to provide information to educate new and experienced growers. Only by sharing information can we all get better.

Happy Growing
HBOrganics Team