-You will need a growing container (Fabric pots are preferred).
-Water free of chlorine and other chemicals that is a PH between 6.3/7.0. You can test this with a PH meter pen or strips.  I recommend meters over strips. To remove Chlorine you can sit your water in an open container for 24 hrs for the Chlorine to naturally rise to the top and evaporate.  Your water will then be good to use. You can also use RO water but you will need to add a Calcium and Magnesium supplement to bring up the PH and to put back into the water those two much need nutrients that naturally occur in the water.
-You will also need a base medium that already has organic amendments like Happy Buddha’s Living Soil.
-If growing indoors you will need adequate lighting and temperature/humidity control.  This is best achieved in a tent indoors with heaters, humidifiers, fans and an exhaust to outside for air exchange.
-Check out our growing guide HERE

You only have to worry about a couple things when growing with organic soil to make sure you have the right conditions for fungi and bacteria to thrive.

-Living soil works best if the soil is kept at 18.5 celsius (65 fahrenheit) to 24 celcius (75 fahrenheit)
-Raise your pots off of cold floors to avoid cold soils.  Cold soils don’t provide as many nutrients due to slow bacteria growth.

Watering & water type
-You don’t want to water. To much over watering creates root rot and pests.  This also prevents your soil from breathing and getting oxygen to your soils food web.
-Don’t water with water over 500 PPM  (parts per million).  Cambridge water has areas with around 460 PPM. some of the hardest city water in ontario. If you use R/O water you will need to give the water Cal/Mag to bring the PH to between 6 and 7PH.  Or you can mix in city water until your PH is between 6 and 7.
If your water has chlorine in it let it sit for 24 hours and the chlorine will rise to the top and evaporate as soon as it hits oxygen.

That all there is to taking care of your soil.  Happy Growing
More on Cannabis and water Here

With Happy Buddha’s Hot Soil and the proper lighting, watering and stable conditions your plants will grow to their full potential.  You can force buds to get bigger, but when you do that you reduce the quality of the cannabis. The genetics of the cannabis plays the biggest roll in the size and quality when grown in proper conditions.

As long as you are following our guidelines on caring for your soil and proper growing techniques like environment, Lighting and watering,  your cannabis plants will do be just fine.  Our caring for your plants and soil guide can be found here Link Here.

This is normal. When a cannabis plant is close to harvest it is stop or slows down on using nitrogen from the soil and focus on taking in nutrients to help it produce bigger and stickier buds near the end of its life cycle. Bigger buds to protect the seeds and more trichomes/resin to catch pollen to reproduce seeds.

You do not need an R/O system but if your water PPM (Parts per Million) is above 500 PPM of minerals in the water you can use carbon filters or distillation to remove some of the PPM.  If you do use an R/O system you will need to replace the calcium and magnesium in the water with a CalMag additive. Your cannabis plants can only take up so much nutrients a day and you don’t want your plant absorbing useless nutrients or worse, getting nutrient lock out from to many minerals in the water.  This can be tested with a PPM meter.

No, you want to lightly water as needed, extra water causes nutrients to run out. Also your soil will not breathe as well and creates extra humidity in your growing room.  Also over watering and the top layer of your soil always being wet is the perfect environment for fungus gnats.

There is no need to add any type of booster to our soil.  Especially don’t add boosters with NPK, if you add too many nutrients to the soil it can cause lock out. There is adequate NPK, bacteria and endomycorrhizal fungi in this system.   Never use chemical boosters of any kind as they can kill the microbial life in the soil and kill the soils food web system.

Nothing else is needed other the watering when growing indoors.  That’s the beauty of this system.  If you choose to add anything we advise to stay away from things with NPK in them to avoid nutrient lock out. For outdoor growing you can add some molasses or some tea’s if you like in the last 2-3 weeks of finishing just to give the microbial life a boost. With outdoor growing you may have water runoff.

The main cause of fungus gnats is over watering.  When your topsoil is continually wet the fungus gnats lay their larva in the top of the soil.  The larva are what cause damage to the root system when the larva are looking for food in the top 5-8 cm (2-3 inches) of the soil.  If you practice good watering habits fungus gnats cannot breed in your soil.