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Growing Organic Cannabis: The No-Till Way

No Till grow, barley cover

The Benefits of growing organically

Growing organic cannabis in soil provides many  benefits, One is that it is the easiest and most forgiving way of growing.  Another benefit of growing organically is you are getting a clean source of cannabis. Growers also save money by reusing their soil, They do this by feeding the soil.  Keeping a healthy microbial system. In turn these bacteria and fungi work together to make nutrients in the soil available to your plant.

Soil food web cannabis

Soil food web cannabis

No-Till Growing

No-Till growing is not turning your soil after each grow. Growers using this method feed the soil not the plant.
The goal when doing No-Till is to leave the soil undisturbed, feeding it from the top. Then you cover it with a cover crop, like rice hulls or straw. What this does is ensure you have a natural soil food web. In time this will provide a robust grow every time with adding minimal nutrients.  This also preserves the fungal network in your soil.
The cover crop will ensure that the amendments you feed on the top of your soil compost and break down. Some growers will even use live barley  as a cover crop. This provides a natural source of compost as the barley dies and feeds the soil. The roots from the barley will also help with water retention on the top of the soil.


By keeping a strong microbial & fungal system in your soil thriving you will save money and time in the long run. While still producing great yields and quality.  No Till growing is quickly becoming very popular, as we learn more about feeding soil over plants.
Another way of feeding your soil is introducing worms to your plants. Worms provide many benefits, aeration of your soil. Along with providing a direct source of worm castings filled with beneficial bacteria.

How to start a No Till Grow

We recommend starting with a quality Super Soil for first time growers.  After you have planted your cannabis and covered the top of the soil, a quality soil will get you through a 2 month vegging period. When you get into flower you can add some organic boosters for flowering on top of the soil. You do this by adding the amendment under the cover crop. Then reapply the cover crop when done.

When you harvest your plant you can cut/pull out the main root of the plant. Leave all the small roots in the soil, this will feed your soil. TIP: You can plant your next plant in the hole from the one you just harvested. You can then add a small amounts of amendments to recharge your soil. Most times you just need to add a small amount of things like Kelp, Molasses, Bacterial inoculant. These mainly give a boost to your microbial & fungal life.

Some time you will need to add small amounts of amendments with higher NPK values or Calcium and sulphur content to replenish the soil.  You will notice slow changes in your plants and can diagnose the issue and see what you need to add before anything bad happens.  Remember this is very forgiving so you have lots of time to learn about and correct any deficiencies. After a couple crops you will know what to do before you need doing it.


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