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Growing Organic Marijuana with Living Soil!

Growing Organic Marijuana

Growing your own Marijuana

We love growing organic marijuana with living soil. In most of Canada, with the exception of Quebec and Manitoba, each household (not each person) is allowed to grow up to four marijuana plants for personal use with legally acquired seeds or seedlings. Many people are taking advantage of this as it can be rewarding, save money, and when you use our living soil system you get crop that is grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We have made it so easy, it can be used by a beginner grower or seasoned grower.

Just add water

Our two-step living soil system is designed so that you just need to add water and provide the plant with light. There is no need to spend time checking the soil pH, adding fertilizers, and figuring out mineral balance or fighting off fungi, bugs, root rot and mold. We have devoted years of research and experience to developing this living soil, so that you can save time, money and stress. We have come to understand that growing and cultivating organic cannabis all lies in the power of the soil. Rudolf Steiner said in 1924, “the soil surrounding a growing plant’s roots is a living entity with a vegetative life of its own, a kind of extension of plant growth into the Earth.” We created our soil to function exactly like this.  The minerals and microbes in the soil work together in perfect harmony breaking down organic matter, digesting compounds that create bioavailable fertilizers and provide valuable nutrition to the plants, while also maintaining proper moisture levels. We have created a biodiverse soil that will maintain and renew soil fertility through many growth cycles and the result will be a healthy, organic plant every time. Growing organic marijuana with living soil has never been easier!

Two-step living soil system

Our living soil comes as a two-step system which comes in two packages:  living hot soil (Soil A) and living super soil (Soil B). The living hot soil provides ingredients your plant needs during the flowering (budding) cycle. This soil is placed in the bottom layer of the fabric pot. The living super soil (Soil B) is your top soil that is formulated for a strong vegetative growth and provides all the nutrients your plant needs from seed to harvest. Our soil provides an active microbiology and biodiversity, which includes worm castings, kelp, fish compost, azomite rock dust, oyster shell flour, crustacean meal and malted barley to name a few. It is designed with the perfect amount of amendments and microbiomes for the soil to work and grow your plant. Living soil is reported by growers to produce larger yields and better terpenes, which is well worth the investment.

Endomycorrhizal Fungi

In addition to the soil we add a separate package of Endomycorrhizal fungi with an 8,000 spores per gram count. Endomycorrhizal is a fungus that has a symbiotic relationship with your plants roots and helps increase your plants nutrient and water uptake immensely. We have specially sourced our Endomycorrhizal fungi with higher spore count than what you can buy which usually only has 100 – 200 spores per gram. We are the only company in North America that provides this separately so you can apply it directly to your seed or seedlings’ root system. All you need is 1 spore to touch a root to colonize the whole root system. But if this doesn’t happen, then you cannot reap the benefits and therefore we provide it separate to ensure you can apply direct to seed or roots. We have found that when companies include the Endomycorrhizal fungi in the soil it may take months before you get the benefits because it doesn’t necessarily come in contact with the root every time. Our living soil is designed so that you get consistent results each time.

Growing Organic Marijuana

2-Step Living Soil

Renew Soil Fertility through many growth cycles

Happy Buddha Organics living soil will maintain and renew soil fertility through many growth cycles. Reuse the soil grow after grow with just adding back some amendments based on what’s been absorbed from the plant’s growing season. Most times you just need to add some things like kelp, molasses, and bacterial inoculant. These mainly give a boost to your microbial and fungal life. You want to keep your soil fertile so that you can enjoy healthy plants that achieve higher yields and organic purity. When you maintain your living soil right, it will do all the work for you. In turn, saving time on labour, money on soil, fertilizers and pesticides. You will be happy to grow the Happy Buddha Organic way!

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