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Not all Mycorrhizal are the same. Different strains of Mycorrhizal work better with trees and shrubs and others work well with plants and fruits.  It is the Endomycorrhizal species that works well with plants. Glomus Intaradices and Glomus Mosseae being the ones that work best with cannabis.
Endomycorrhizal fungi creates a symbiotic relationship with your plant by burrowing in your root system and growing out into the soil to help feed your plant.  In turn the fungi feed of byproducts from your cannabis.  This helps increase the amount of nutrients and water your cannabis can receive.
It is important a spore comes in direct contact with your root, this is the only way that this relationship happens.  You get no benefits from it if your roots don’t touch any spores in the soil, this is why we give this to you in a highly concentrated form to apply directly!

Sphagnum peat moss is formed in the bogs of Canada over very long periods of time.  It is praised for being insect and disease free and its water retention.

Worm castings help with protecting against harmful toxic fungi and bacteria.  They also help regulate the PH of your soil.  Worm castings also help with heavy metals and toxins like lead to provide a clean soil.
These castings are also packed with over 60 micronutrients and other beneficial nutrients that are slowly released into the soil. Worm casting are a must for any garden!

Fish compost provides a good source of NPK and an array of microorganisms to help break down other ingredients.
Fish compost is also beneficial to fungus and helps improve the relationship between your roots and the Endomycorrhiza that we provide with our soils.

Perlite is a volcanic glass that when water is applied it can expand from 7 to 16 times its size.
Perlite helps with water retention and drainage.  It also helps make your soil lighter and looser so your roots get better air flow and can move easily throughout the soil.

Bat Guano is excellent for cannabis plants as the fruit bat guano we use is high in phosphorus. Bat guano also contains many micro-nutrients that help protect your roots from disease and feeds your plant. It also has the rare ability to not nutrient burn your plants when used as a top dress if to much is used.
Bat guano also has the ability to loosen or tighten up your soil if it is too loose or dense. It is also a PH adjuster and has a slow release to help feed your plants over time.
When used as a diluted spray it can also protect from fungus.  Another unique property with bat guano and cannabis or other fruits is it helps sweeten up your buds and fruits.

Kelp is a power house of over 60 trace elements for your plant to use.  Kelp also helps with bacteria growth in your soil along with helping your plant deal with stress, develop a thriving root system and stronger stems.
Kelp also helps with seed germination and disease defense along with helping the soils structure and retaining water while helping balance your soils PH levels.
Kelp also contains
-Cytokinins that help with faster cell division.
-Indoles that help with root growth and bud, flower/fruit production
-Auxins that helps with your root system and creating larger cells that help make bigger plants/buds
-Gibberellins that help with making your stems longer and helping with seed growth also.

Azomite has over 70 minerals along with other trace elements.  It only comes from mines in Utah USA.  It has been said to help everything from root systems to overall plant size and vigor.  This is a great edition to any garden.

Contains Urease, Phosphates and Potasase. Increases fungal activity and helps to boost your plants defenses to disease and other ailments. It also helps break down your soil to increase available nutrients and increase yields. Also used as a populare top dress.

Crustacean Meal is another super food for your plant!  Crustacean Meal packs a lot of calcium and nitrogen that is a slow release from the chitin shell.  The chitin also helps prevent rings worms, root rot, blight and other diseases all the while the chitin provides a home for these micro-organisms. In turn that helps the microbes thrive and provide more benefits for your plant.

Karanja Cake Is closely related to the Neem plant and contains many of the same properties. Karanja Cake provides a slow release of NPK and provides extra nutrients to your soil while helping protect the roots from harmful fungus and diseases.

Oyster shell flour is 96% calcium and contains and other trace elements. Oyster shell flour also helps promote micronutrient growth and strengthen cell walls while also helping balance your soils PH level.
Due to oyster shell flours different granular sizes it provides immediate and long lasting release of nutrients.

Provides beneficial microorganisms that help provide a strong top root base for your plant.  These organisms work together to help break down nutrients and provide strong early growth.

Blood meal is a pure source of nitrogen and is a slow release that help your plant grow into green lush beauties.
Nitrogen is used more during vegetation stage during cannabis growing.

Alfalfa meal acts as an organic fertilizer and generates heat using micro bacteria and Rhizobacteria to help speed up the decomposing process and make the nutrients in the soil easier for your plants to use.
Alfalfa also provides an array of minerals and nutrients for your cannabis plant. These help boost your plants defenses and root, stem and flower growth.
This super food is great in a tea or used as a foliar spray.

Fish bone meal provides a readily available source of phosphorus and also helps to create a strong stem and root base.

Our Steamed Bone meal is a source of calcium and phosphorus. It has a slow release and best used with Mycorrhizal Fungi.  Works efficiently in a soil on 7.0PH and under.

Basalt rock dust is known for having most of the beneficial elements of Azomite but a lot less of the trace elements that may harm a plant like arsenic, Lead and other harmful minerals.  It has a higher content of silica, therefore some of it breaks down quicker and has the nutrients ready early on.  Basalt also breaks down slowly providing nutrients over an extended period of time.
Basalt also contains low amounts of sodium but is a good long term source of Potassium and Phosphorus.

Dolomite Lime is a Calcium magnesium carbonate and is a good source of calcium and can be used raise your soils PH levels when used properly. Calcium is beneficial to plants with lots of seeds like cannabis  or tomatoes.

Gypsum helps loosens the soil and provides calcium and sulfur. Gypsum is also know to prevent some disease along with helping to prevent water retention. The calcium in gypsum has also been known to reduce the toxicity of heavy metals like iron zinc copper and other metals, all while not raising the PH of your soil.

Provides help with breaking down nutrients in your soil.  Helps protect against diseases and insects while adding some more diverse microbial life.

Epsom salt helps to provide magnesium and sulphur. These in turn help to provide more NPK to your plant. They also help with strengthening your plant and keeping them looking green and vibrant.

Humic acid helps with the condition of your soil. This helps improve water retention and the readily available nutrients for your cannabis plant. Humic and Fulvic acids also help reduce the amount of nutrients your cannabis plant needs.

Water free of chemicals that could harm the microbial life of the soil.

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