Why you will want to wholesale Happy Buddha Organics Living Soil

We make it easy for your customers to grow their own cannabis with Happy Buddha Organics Living Soils. It will keep them coming back to you for all their cannabis needs. The living super soils and living hot soils can be used for indoor or outdoor cannabis growth. It can also be used for auto flower strains.

Organic Growing.

The soil is prepared with all natural minerals and amendments for growing organic cannabis.

Reuse Soil.

Reuse grow after grow. All you need to do is add nutrients to revitalize the microbial life of the soil.

Just water.

The soil is designed that all you need to do is water your cannabis to enjoy a pure clean quality organic cannabis.

Worry Free Growing.

Our soil provides all the nutrients needed from seed to harvest. No need to test the Ph levels and watch nutrient balance.

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Growing Organic Marijuana

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